Feasibility Analysis

The feasibility study allows guiding the decision making in the evaluation of a project. It is very important every step, from the beginning you have to ensure that the project goes in the right direction.

We evaluate projects and run our own market research and costs analysis to give a “approval stamp” to your business project. We provide consulting services to international entrepreneurs on how to startup and build a new business.

It is never enough to just invest and startup a business, we help international entrepreneurs achieve a successful business.

Feasibility Analysis plan

  • Feasibility analysis is one of our most demanded services.

    We evaluate your business proposal, do some market research to validate the business opportunity, we evaluate costs and help you have a good estimate about startup capital and operations expenses and a validation about the potential of your business project.

    “step by step” guide

    Moreover, we provide to the international entrepreneur a “step by step” guide from scratch to your first sale in order to assure every aspect of the new venture is under requierement.

How it works

  • You contact us and we send you back information in detail about our services, prices, term and if you decide to go ahead, we send you an electronic invoice. Once its paid we send you a questionnaire you have to fill out.
  • Based in the information you provide us, we performed a detailed factual analysis.
  • We send you the analysis, with all the necessary information to validate if your project is financially and commercially feasible.